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Ilka Gedő (1921-1985)
Chronological Table


May 26, Ilka Gedő is born in Budapest. Her father, Simon Gedő was a secondary-school teacher, her mother, Elza Weiszkopf was a clerk.


Attends the free school of Tibor Gallé in the autumn.


Taught by Viktor Erdei, a friend of the Gedő family.


She begins to participate in the exhibitions of the OMIKE (National Hungarian Cultural Association of Jews) with her drawings.


Studies at the private school of István Örkényi-Strasszer.


Participates at the exhibition entitled "Freedom and the People" at the Vasas Steelworkers' Union Headquarters organised by the Group of Socialist Artists.


Registers in the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. She stops her studies after the first semester for family reasons. Attends the evening school of Gyula Pap drawing croquis.


Marries Endre Bíró, a biochemist.


Takes part in the Free National Exhibition of the Fővárosi tár (Municipal Gallery).

On 26 September her first son, Daniel is born.


Begins a long period in which she does not take part in Hungarian artistic life.


On 19 February her second son, Dávid is born.


She takes part in the jubilee exhibition of the Group of Socialist Artists. The National Gallery of Hungary acquires three of her drawings.


The painter Endre Bálint selects her drawings made between 1945 and 1949 for a studio exhibition.


Resumes artistic work.


Lives in Paris. The Galerie Lambert exhibits two of her paintings at a group exhibition.


Becomes a member of the Hungarian Fund of Art (Fine Arts Section).


The King St. Stephen Museum of Székesfehérvár, Hungary organises a retrospective show of her art.


Exhibition of her recent work at the Gallery of Dorottya utca, Budapest. (The National Gallery of Hungary buys two of her oil paintings.)


On 19 June she dies in Budapest.

In June and July of the same year a one-woman show of her works is organised at the Művésztelepi Galéria (Artist Colony Gallery) in Szentendre.

Her paintings are exhibited at Glasgow's Compass Gallery as part of the Hungarian Arts Season. Articles appreciate her art in the Glasgow Herald, The Scotsman, Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and The Guardian.


Retrospective show at the Műcsarnok (Palace of Exhibitions) of Budapest, the premier state gallery for the presentation of modern Hungarian and international visual art.


Exhibition of her drawings at the Municipal Gallery of Szombathely, Hungary.


Second retrospective show at Glasgow's Third Eye Centre that received as good a press coverage as her first show in Glasgow.


Retrospective exhibition of her art at Janos Gat Gallery in New York.


Between February and October an exhibition Victims and Perpetrators takes place showing works by Ilka Gedő and György Román, at the Jewish Museum, Budapest.

From April 18, four of her drawings are shown for a period of nine months at the permanent exhibition Culture and Continuity: the Jewish Journey at the Jewish Museum of New York. Four of her drawings come into the collection of the Jewish Museum of New York.

Between November and December an exhibition is organised of her drawings at Shepherd Gallery in New York.


Extended by three oil paintings of Ilka Gedő and György Román, the exhibition Victims and Perpetrators, formerly shown in Budapest, is also shown at the Art Museum of Jerusalem's Yad Vashem. Ilka Gedő's ghetto drawings come into the possession of Yad Vashem.

Her works are shown at Janos Gat Gallery's spring exhibition on 20the-century Hungarian art.


Janos Gat Gallery organises an exhibition of her paintings and graphic works in the spring season.

A book titled The Art of Ilka Gedő is published including studies by the famous Hungarian art historians, Péter György, Gábor Pataki, Júlia Szabó and F. István Mészáros.


The British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings and The Israel Museum acquire drawings by Ilka Gedő.


One of Ilka Gedő's drawings is shown at the Israel Museum's exhibition titled Voices From Here and There (New Acquisitions in the Department of Prints and Drawings). The Düsseldorf Kunstmuseum acquires ten drawings by Ilka Gedő.


Works by Ilka Gedő are shown at the autumn group exhibition of Janos Gat Gallery in New York. The exhibition, titled Directions, shows works also from Julian Beck, Herbert Brown, István Farkas, Lajos Gulácsy, Knox Martin and György Román. Jonathan Goodman wrote the preface to the catalogue.


The Municipal Picture Gallery of Budapest / Museum Kiscell shows an exhibition of Ilka Gedő's graphic works.

The National Gallery of Hungary acquires three of her paintings.


As a part of the rearranged twentieth-century permanent exhibition of the National Gallery of Hungary that was opened on 4 September at the exhibition of the Contemporary Collection two of his oil paintings are exhibited (Witches in Preparation, 1980-1981 and Monster and Boy, 1981)


An extensive oeuvre catalogue is published on Ilka Gedő's art titled The Art of Ilka Gedő (1921-1985) Oeuvre Catalogue and Documents.


A memorial retropsective exhibition opens titled Ilka Gedo (1921-1985) at the National Gallery of Hungary on 18 November. The closing date of the exhibition is 31 March 2005.

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